⁣I get asked a lot what my secret is to staying fit after having two kids, and I always answer that it’s just good ol’ exercise and clean eating... I know, boring, right?

In truth, the “secret” is consistency. I don’t do extreme diets or workout plans because I want to be a nice person for my friends and family 😜 But I have committed to forming healthy habits such as moving often, fitting in workouts even when it’s hard, eating the right foods and the right amount of calories for my goals, and doing all of this most of the time.

Slow and steady gains and losses lead to healthy lifelong transformations. The details will vary from person to person, so figure out what works for you and just do it. Not perfectly, just consistently. You got this!

✨Do what makes your soul shine ✨

Welcome to my journey in health, fitness, wellness, food, beauty, self-love, self-care, being a mom, and all that good stuff. Hopefully this page will be filled with positivity, growth, inspiration, and a little humor as I find my way to happiness doing the things that make my soul shine!