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Hi love I'm Alicia, the coach behind Happy Little Habits and a mom of two littles (aka a professional snack getter) who has spent the past 10+ years of mom-life delving deep into the world of health, habits, nutrition, fitness, and all things feel-good related to get my health and body back on track and help other women like me do the same.

As a certified Nutrition Coach and UCSB psych grad, I'm obsessed with showing other mamas that getting healthy doesn't have to mean following strict diets and all-or-nothing workout routines, and it definitely doesn't have feel hard or overwhelming or complicated. It can be simple, doable, balanced, and realistic, which is exactly what you need when you're a busy mom on the go doing it all.

let me guess...

  • You're always putting everyone and everything ahead of yourself

  • You run around all day from activity to activity, doling out snacks, and getting everyone dressed and fed and where they need to be on time

  • When you do manage to make time for yourself, the last thing you want to do is work out or make more food

  • It feels like you've tried everything and anything to get healthy and lose weight, but nothing sticks

  • You just wish that eating healthy and working out was easy for you, but somehow it always ends up feeling too complicated, too overwhelming, and too hard


You're not alone. I've noticed in my community way too many smart, ambitious, and beautiful mamas out there that want to get healthy, lose weight, have more energy, and most importantly feel good inside and out, but they give up altogether because of how overcomplicated, difficult, confusing, and frustrating the health and fitness industry has made the whole thing. And it pisses me off.


I started Happy Little Habits to cut through all that BS and help mamas everywhere simplify healthy by bringing them back to the basics... building strong AF health habits that are proven to actually work.

Here we focus on whole body health, strength, energy, and self-care by making small positive changes to your mindset, nutrition, and habits each and every day. I can help you clarify your goals and design customized habits that, along with a little accountability, finally get you there for good.

But it hasn't always been this way...

It all begins with your habits

When I had my kids, my whole world changed. I instantly fell in love with these tiny little people in my life, caring for all their needs first so they could have the happiest and healthiest lives possible. But always putting them first came with a price... I didn't take care of myself. 

I was always tired with what seemed like permanent brain fog, I felt out of shape and my clothes didn't fit, I was uncoordinated and unbalanced, I had little-to-no energy to keep up with the littles, and I just  didn't feel at all like the same happy and energetic 'me' I was before kids.


I wanted to feel good again, so I did what any of us would do and started dieting. I tried every quick-fix diet + workout plan I could find that promised fast results with little effort... ya know, the kind of stuff that always leaves you feeling more energy drained, more overwhelmed, and more lost than ever.


Because when every expert out there is telling you different things to do, it makes the whole 'getting healthy' thing feel complicated, overwhelming, and time consuming... And. I. Was. Over. It. 

Deep down I knew there had to be a better way. I went back to my roots as a UCSB psych grad and started using behavior change methods to improve my nutrition, movement, and wellness habits... and I slowed the eff down, focusing on consistency and building a healthy lifestyle.


I actually started enjoying my journey and MOVING in the direction I wanted to be going... toward a healthier version of me. Change can be simple when you have a solid strategy for getting your health habits on lock... you can finally start feeling good inside and out.


It's not about trying to follow some overcomplicated or restrictive plan and hoping you have the time, motivation, and willpower to stick with it. It's about finding practical ways to make real changes to your health that are simple, doable, and fit into your life as a mom. 


Now this is the exact same method I show my clients so they can follow a path that make sense for them.​ Happy Little Habits isn't another diet program that you plug and play. It's a simple customized plan, it's a doable mindset, and it's an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle you can stick with... for good.


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