Hi, I'm Alicia... Welcome to Happy Little Habits!

Hi, I'm Alicia! Born and raised in California, I studied Psychology and Behavior at UCSB before heading down to sunny L.A. after graduating. Here I met my husband, settled down in the 'burbs, and we started our family with 2 beautiful babies. 

At 35-years old, I found myself lucky in love with 2 happy kids and a happy home... but a post-baby weight that was creeping toward my full-term pregnancy weight (and then some).


I started to realize that I didn't really recognize myself anymore. I was always tired, my clothes didn't fit, I felt uncoordinated and imbalanced, I had permanent brain fog, and I had no energy to keep up with my kids.

I just didn't feel like the same 'me' I was before kids.

I wanted something better for myself, a better me for my family, but I had no idea where to start. Exhausted from sleepless nights and running around everyday from activity to activity with the kids, I kept looking toward quick fix solutions that promised minimal time and effort with fast results.


I spent years dabbling in fad diets and tried every workout gimmick under the sun... some saw results but most landed me right back where I had started.


Everyone around me told me to settle in to motherhood and accept that 'THIS IS JUST HOW IT IS TO BE A MOM.'

Deep down I knew there had to be a better way, a way to reclaim some part of who I used to be AND be a great mom too, maybe even a better mom who had all the energy I needed to do all the mom things I wanted to do and stay healthy for my kids and grandkids.

And so I decided to make a change... just one small change. 


One small change led to another and then another. I started to develop consistency in my diet and movement habits, and I started MOVING in the direction I wanted to be going... toward a healthier version of me.

It is now my passion to help other mamas like me understand how to make these same simple (and totally doable) changes in a way that feels balanced, realistic, and, dare I say, enjoyable? 


I want every beautiful woman out there to truly feel her best both for herself and for her kids.


I started Happy Little Habits as a program to take what I know about behaviors, habits, and psychology and apply it to the sometimes overwhelming and confusing world of health, fitness, and diet... especially when you're a mom on the go who tends to put everyone and everything ahead of yourself!

Happy Little Habits isn't a diet program that you plug and play. It's a simple customized plan, it's a doable mindset, and it's an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle you can stick with... for good.